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the making of DNC2016 event Philly Small Biz invites attendees to Dine, Dance & Shop

this video is dedicated to small businesses, entreprenuers and the struggle to become successful businesses. This event created by Sister Huriyyah of Survive Strive Thrive, Inc is still in need of yo...

2nd Annual Citywide Trunk party donation drive

A day of fun networking n getting the word out about Survive Strive Thrive, inc

meeting Martin Luther King 3rd at the National Action Network Convention 2014

IN Washington DC at the NAN convention promoting ECONOMICS, ENTREPRENUERS and SMALL BUSINESSES


youth and Sister Huriyyah feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving 2012 at the Municiple bldg in Phila...


hand car wash ....don't have a JOB, make a JOB


we encourage success in education

these young people are off to COLLEGE

democratic National Convention event

advertisement of our event in the Daily News July 26, 2016

at City Hall Caucus Room with Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell

networking with city officials

Volunteering for the Village

Artworks fundraising event to support the Childrens Home the Village

African American Chamber of Commerce Level Up event 2018

at the Anneberg with some wonderful professional millenials discussing business at this event

MLK Day of Service

At Girard College with Congressman Dwight Evans

WURD RADIO 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Life of Dr. Walter Lomax

WURD 900AM radio has been our voice for more than 10 years and we were honored to attend this event and show our support. Dr. Lomax may he Rest In Paradise was about promoting Black Businesses and so are we at SSTINC


hand car wash one of our STARTUPS where we CREATE JOBS

youth learning employable skills

barbering. Training YOUTH to be employable


held at the PA Convention Center in Dec. 2005....THE DELFONICS made a cameo appearance. It was a fantastic event and the VENDORS and ENTREPRENUERS made money and the shoppers shopped til they dropped. We also honored Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson at our event in 2005

invitation to Hillary Clinton

response from Clinton Representative

donating school supplies

what we don't need, we donate to WURD

Survive Strive Thrive logo

our location is at the Corner of Black Wall Street and Mansa Musa Avenue

Marcia Smith at Black Film Festival

Marcia Smith, film producer...networking at the black film festival for the upcoming play Bootstraps about Black Street Vending


Survive Strive Thrive, Inc. moments and action in the community

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