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About Us   

CEO and founder Huriyyah Bey has worked diligently in the at risk neighborhoods of Philadelphia. In 1989 as a mother of ten children who wanted to stay home with her children; she left her 9 to 5 at the Philadelphia Navy Yard to open a family run flowershop in North Philadelphia at Broad & York Sts. It was'nt long before the young children in the neighborhood would come and ask to work after school just as they saw Huriyyah's own children doing.  

Hence she formed a Youth Entrepreneur Program to teach the young people in the neighborhood the ethics of business, public relations and marketing. The youth who did not want to fall prey to the local drug dealers on the corner would take a container filled with single roses and market them to the people in Center City going to the movies or the theater. This kept the youth busy, gave them a since of pride and showed them that the drug dealer on the corner was not their only option.

This 15 year experience of working with the youth and the flowershop built the foundation for the principles of SST, Inc.

At Survive Strive Thrive, Inc. our mission is to create jobs via the same strategies used to build most of the corporate businesses of today that started from a John Wanamaker type street cart or a Pennocks and Zieglers flowerstand. We aim to

do what people in need of jobs have done since this great country began 'create something out of nothing'.

The two major projects of SST, Inc. are the Shoppers Paradise Bazaar where we host a small business expo in the most lucrative shopping season of the year; December. Our other project is the Citywide Trunk Party Donation Drive aimed at making sure 1st time college students in need have the necessary items for their college sendoff. Please sign up and commit to placing one of our 30 gal. receptacles in your church or workplace for two weeks during July to collect donations of new items the students can use to move into the dorm.



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