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The NKQ Black Business Convention 2021  ....WATCH and enjoy

More Highlights of NKQ Black Business Convention 2021

Spirit of the Drum

Spirit of the Drum with Bro. Waset

Bro. Wesley Wilson Bey

Bro. Wesley receiving his award as our guest of honor

The Nubian King Queen Prince and Princess Awards and Business Convention was a 2 day event that put the spotlight our black businesses.  Although no small business was excluded; and businesses of all nationalities were represented, the ​ focus was on building black businesses. Our event offeredf a unique opportunity to non african american businesses to market their products to an African American audience.  The Nubian King Queen Prince and Princess contest was one of the main features of our event.  In addition there was food, live entertainment, speakers and our magnificent Black Business Marketplace.

The ​Nubian  King Queen contest will REOPENED for 2022 (TBA)..... 


QUEENS  -  To NOMINATE yourself or someone else go to the fol​lowing link--CLICK  --TO VOTE (click here)   

KINGS  -   To NOMINATE yourself or someone else go to the fol​lowing link--CLICK-- 

NUBIAN PRINCE contest (age 15-20)  $500 grand prize  Click Here to enter  

NUBIAN PRINCESS contest (age 15-20) $500 grand prize Click the following link to enter Nubian Princess 

after you have nominated someone, share the following  web address to get people to vote 

Grand Prize $1,000, 2nd place $300, 3rd​ place $100, 4th place is honorable mentioned.

Nominees have free admission  and two complimentary guest passes.  Additional passes can be purchased at a discount rate text 484-524-3614 for CODE


EARLY BIRD SPECIAL for all VENDORS all tables $75....get your table before they are sold out.  Only a limited amount of Early bird tables available

All grand prize winners must agree to spend 30% of their winnings at the event with our black businesses.  Therefore, $1,000 winners will receive a check for $700 and $300 in Nubian Money that can be used at the event with the vendors and $500 winners will receive a $350 check and $150 in Nubian Money .   All other prize winners must commit to spending 10% of their prize money at the event.

IMPORTANT:  Outside of getting the most votes, our contest has only one other condition to qualify.  That is that every nominee must make a purchase from a black business on our website   Receipts must be via an electronic medium.  Acceptable electronic mediums are paypal, cash app, square, venmo.  The receipt must be able to verify the business and the purchaser.  Handwritten receipts are not verifiable and not accepted.  No nominee will be eligible to win without a purchase from a black business on our website.  The entire purpose of our event and our contest is to draw business to the businesses on our website.  There is no restriction on the amount that must be spent.  It can be $1 or $500 and anywhere in between.

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